Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

Since its U.S debut a quarter century ago, this brilliant text has set a new standard for historical scholarship of Latin America It is also an outstanding political economy, a social and cultural narrative of the highest quality, and perhaps the finest description of primitive capital accumulatio

Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism

Grandin has always been a brilliant historian now he uses his detective skills in a book that is absolutely crucial to understanding our present Naomi Klein, author of No Logo The British and Roman empires are often invoked as precedents to the Bush administration s aggressive foreign policy Bu

Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City

The stunning, never before told story of the quixotic attempt to recreate small town America in the heart of the In 1927, Henry Ford, the richest man in the world, bought a tract of land twice the size of the U.S state of Delaware in the Brazilian His intention was to grow rubber, b

Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala

Bitter Fruit is a comprehensive and insightful account of the CIA operation to overthrow the democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954 First published in 1982, this book has become a classic, a textbook case of the relationship between the United States and the Third W

The Last Colonial Massacre: Latin America in the Cold War

After decades of bloody revolutions and political terror, many scholars and politicians lament the rise and brief influence of the left in Latin America since the triumph of Castro they have accused the left there of rejecting democracy, embracing Communist totalitarianism, and prompting both revol